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Nice Vibrating Ball, Fairly Quiet

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?This isn't something I might recommend to someone without use of both hands as I find I use both hands when plugging in the charger and turning it on and off as well as changing the settings. However, it works well and if you ensure the charger is plugged all the way in and you charge it fully, I don't think battery life is a real problem. I recommend this vibrating ball.

Great and very helpful

This little ball is very strong and very helpful. It helps my little girls with her feet pain over the night and she loves it. When fully charged, it last a few hours.

Awesome for muscle relief

Charge before use, have strong hands of you are going to use on someone other than your self , couples will enjoy

Love this massage ball!

I bought this for my hands which have some arthritis in them. It fits perfectly in my hand and feels great! I like the 3 speeds on it. It is sometimes hard to turn on and off and I have to push and hold the button several times sometimes. Overall I would recommend this for hand massage.

Powerful! I use this to help my arthritic hands

I love this product. Wish I had it sooner. Loosens my hands and increases circulation. No more stiffness in my fingers!

Works well, pretty cool!

I've never used one of these before, but it's pretty cool! My chiropractor recommended that I get one to help loosen/relax the fascia on my abdomen and help my lymphatic system to move better. This ball is palm sized, not too heavy, and completely encased in silicone. There's a button on one side and a port on the other for the charger to go in (it looks closed up, but it's not). The button lights up when charging and when in use. There's an insert in the box with minimal instructions, and the ball has several different vibration settings. I didn't notice a whole lot of difference between them, except for the last one, which is more of a pulse. Still, it works quite well for massaging my abdomen, and it does seem to increase blood flow and get things moving.

Good value for the money

This small ball was recommended by my physical therapist and worked well, once charged. It was gentler than a bumpy larger one we have that can leave one feeling pummeled.

Surprised by the many uses!

First of all, by the time this ball had arrived I was unable to stand upright and walking was excruciating due to a low back injury with hip flexor pain, I had been using pain patches and rubs for a whole week with minimum pain reduction. I used the ball for 10 minutes and I could immediately walk upright pain free, mind blown. I initially go this for my hip flexors because my foam roller is too wide to really grip into the muscle. Whelp, lets just say that when I was massaging my hip flexor I realized this ball is ALSO good at massaging other things in that area!! Im just sayin. 5-star muscle massager, and 5-star vibrator. Cheers

Game Changer!

This ball is exactly what I needed! It is hard and enables me to get into spasms and knots in my low back and hips that I cannot easily manage with my massage gun. It has already been a life saver on a long car ride. I was able to place it on my back spasm against the car seat and it completely relieved the spasm. I highly recommend this ball! Also, the price is much more reasonable than other brands.

Totally worth it!

Only use it a few minutes a day and so far it has been the best thing for me in relieving nagging pain in my shoulder! So glad I bought this !


Eine neue Art der Massage gegen Verspannungen und Schmerzen. Dieser Ball ist klein, handlich und bewirkt wahre Wunder. L?sst sich berall einsetzen und durch das geringe Gewicht und Gr??e kann man ihn berall mitnehmen. Akku h?lt brigens seeehr lange

Grip could be better

Poor grip

Super effective!

I was literally putting two vibrating massage balls into a sock and tying it off before I found this, I am glad to say this works and feels a whole lot better and now I can use the two balls individually.

Best massage tool for relaxation

I love my massage equipment! It helps to soothe muscle pain in my neck and if I need to use it as a vibration therapy for my clients it’s perfect! I just lay on it and keep it under my back. Perfect!

Incredible fitness tool!

This is a major upgrade to my old foam roller!! It is designed in a more ergonomic shape than traditional foam rollers and the heat and vibration really help to release tension and reduce soreness after tough workouts!

Small In Size, Not Heavy, Easy To Handle, Good Vibration

This peanut massager is made of good quality material, the included leathery pouch is excellent, the construction is flawless. It is smaller in size and light in weight which makes it very easy to handle and hold. The vibration is not as strong massage gun but it is adequate. The heat feature is a good plus. It is easy to operate, long press the vibration button to start, put it in the area where muscle is experiencing stress and tension. It certainly give some relief.

Great portable massage tool, highly recommend

This peanut shaped massager enhances muscles with its high intensity vibration as advertised. Helps deep massage with 5 adjustable vibration modes. The warm-up function has helped me a lot and my mother who has arthritis loves it. This heating mode automatically turns off after 30 minutes of use and I like that. All modes are great. Its material is soft silicone, easy to clean with a damp cloth. It is rechargeable with usb and once it is charged it is very durable, I took the time and if it lasts 4.5 hours in vibration and unlike in heat it lasts 1 hour and 45 minutes, the manufacturer says it lasts 1.5 hours 🤔🤔. Does the job according to the manufacturer. This gives great relief to my neck and shoulders while watching TV or riding in the car. It is a great help for massaging under the feet and calves. I love it is a great investment

Great for the neck but many uses

I ordered this since I've went through a lot physically the past several years with my health, and muscle pain also went along with this due to very heavy stress and trauma. I'm always trying new massage tools since I can literally feel energy blockages move in my body so things like this are very helpful. This is sort of a smaller size, but it is fairly heavy for its size. Once it's charged up it seems to hold this charge fairly well. There are different modes and intensities as well as a heat option. Personally, I love it for behind my neck since it is shaped perfectly for that. I tend to have quite a bit of neck pain which I know is from stress and too much driving, and I can prop it behind my head while I'm lying in bed watching shows. If I have it on the highest setting it vibrates my ears where they feel like they itch, though lol. You can also use this and roll it down your arms or legs. They have foam roller type deals you can use for deeper tissue massage which I've tried, but I prefer this. I will roll it down the tops of my legs sort of like if I was rolling dough. Then when I'm doing the bottoms of my legs I will put it on the floor and roll my body back and forth to reach the areas. That makes the floor vibrate sort of loudly, and my dogs don't love it but it's one way to do it. It's just nice to have this rechargeable so you can take it on the go if you are going to travel or even if you're exercising somewhere else besides home since it fits nicely in a purse or bag. Overall, I'm happy with it and do recommend.

The Best of Both Worlds

Perfect size-compact. Nice warmth and vibration functions.

This thing is awesome!!!

I love this machine!!!
It helps loosen up all your muscles and tight tendons and ligaments.
I highly recommend this to anyone who needs a little tension relief. Peace.😇

Helping with nerve issue and circulation.

This item is easy to charge and begin using. I have a nerve and circulation issue with my hand and wrist area which is the direct result from being injured in a car collision. I've had therapy the past year but I'm still in pain. This item has heat which isn't too warm but noticeable. It also has several different settings of vibrations which I really enjoy and it is tempory help with my nerve and circulation issue. I recommend this item.

Massage at home

This is a nice option for relieving tight muscles. The start button is a little hard to activate otherwise this is just fine.

Great things come in small packages.

This little sphere is simply amazing! This tool has helped with getting rid of the knots in all the hard to reach spots.

What a little powerhouse

I absolutely love this little massager it helps my hands, feet and even my back it's different functions and power level are wonderful and the fact that it is rechargeable is so nice. I even love the color of it. If you need a massage ball to work out all of your aches and pains this is the one! It's been a constant daily help to me since I got it several months ago.

Allows you to target what needs masssaged

The ball is hard rubber which helps to release a tight muscle but the vibration helps more. I use it on muscles around my hips and it is very helpful.